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13th juli 2020
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Timex – Special HTML5

Timex – Special HTML5 | Adobe After Effects



To view this little Adobe Flash CS, Adobe After Effects Teaser Video. You should have Adobe’s  Flash Plugin installed in your browser. Otherwise you wont be able to see it.



Front from 2018 was intended as landing page when I started the “Life Is Digital” concept for my domain which since then has changed from Version 7.0 to now be completely up on Version 7.9.1 With great focus on different designs in, among other things, WordPress , HTML5, jQuery and not least Adobe After Effects project pages with different designs and an approach to more interesting showcases of websites. A pretty good site in HTML5, which was my home page at that time. Originally, the page contains several subpages, but I chose to use it only as a start page at this time. In general, you will already have discovered that I often change the layout of my websites on the domain. Which by the way F*** Up my Google position (i know)

Experimental Adobe After Effects design that is something special is based on AAE CS, as well as html5. These projects are cross-browser friendly and NON Flash sites for those who are not so much for Flash CS … As much of the ideas I roam around, it is graphic art from my perspective. It can be difficult to see the meaning of it, which is done completely deliberately.

Again this is a html5 project with different structure, the file itself contains mp4 files. This means that this is also crossbrowser friendly. It is used as an intro video, then having a button that forwards the user to another page. For example, for a main page, it is in any case intended as.

The intro contains just a little of what I work with as a creative artist with design of pages, videos and more. And give a brief glimpse of the artistic element that I think I possess, and the technology of online design that I am so fond of working with. Adobe After Effects intro video, set up with HTML5, skip intro, go to page link, etc.


Timex Special HTML5 Video





Flash CS
Camtasia Studio




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