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Privacy & Cookies, as well
GPDR: (General Data Protection Regulation) Important!

Owner and Data Controller

Grandts.Media & Beyond – Marketing

Høstvej 7, 6705 Esbjerg, Denmark

Owner contact email: info@grandts.com


Types of data collected


Among the types of personal data that this site collects, alone or through third parties, are: Cookies, User Data, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Website.

Complete information on each type of personal data collected is provided in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or by specific explanatory texts that appear before the data collection.
Personal data can be freely provided by the user or in case of usage data is collected automatically when you use this website.

Unless otherwise stated, all data requested by this site is mandatory and failure to provide such data may render this site impossible to provide. In cases where this site specifically indicates that some data is not mandatory, users are free not to communicate this data without consequences for the availability or function of the service.
Users who are uncertain about which personal data are mandatory are welcome to contact the owner.
Any use of cookies – or other tracking tools – of this site or of third party service owners used by this site serves to provide the service required by the user in addition to other purposes described in this document and in the Cookie Policy, if available .

Users are responsible for third party personal information obtained, published or shared through this site and confirming that they have third party consent to provide data to the owner.

Mode and location for processing the data

Methods of treatment


The owner takes appropriate precautions to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or unauthorized destruction of the data. The data processing is performed by computers and / or IT-enabled tools according to organizational procedures and conditions that are strictly related to the stated purposes. In addition to the owner, the data may in some cases be available to certain types of responsible persons involved in the operation of this site (administration, sales, marketing, legal, system administration) or external parties (eg, party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies), if necessary, as data processors by the owner. The updated list of these parties may be required from the owner at any time.


Legal Bais for processing


The owner can process Personal Information about Users if any of the following applies:

Users have given their consent to one or more specific purposes. Note: Under certain laws, the owner may be allowed to process personal data until the user objects to such processing (“opt-out”) without having to rely on consent or any other legal basis. This does not apply, however, when the processing of personal data is subject to the European Data Protection Act.
the provision of data is necessary for the performance of an agreement with the user and / or for any contractual obligations thereof.

Treatment is required to comply with a legal obligation that the owner is subject to processing related to a task performed in the public interest or in the exercise of the official authority of the owner of the treatment necessary for the legitimate interests of the owner. the owner or third party pursues.

In any case, the owner will be happy to help clarify the specific legal basis applicable to the processing, and in particular the provision of personal data is a statutory or contractual requirement or requirement necessary to conclude a contract.



The data is processed at the owner’s operating offices and at other locations where the parties involved are located.

Depending on the user’s location, data transfers may involve transferring the user’s data to a country other than their own. To find out more about the site of processing such transferred data, users can check the information processing section.

Users also have the right to learn about the legal basis for data transfers to a country outside the EU or to an international organization governed by international law or established by two or more countries such as the United Nations and the security measures taken by the owner to protect their data.

If such a transfer takes place, users can find out more by checking the relevant sections of this document or asking the owner with the information specified in the contact section.
retention time

Personal data is processed and stored for as long as required for the purpose for which it was collected.




Personal data collected for the performance of a contract between the Owner and the User must be retained until such contract is fully executed. Personal data collected for use by the Owner’s legitimate interests must be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill such purposes. Users can find specific information about the legitimate interests that the owner pursues within the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the owner.

The owner may be allowed to keep Personal Information for a long time when the user has consented to such processing as long as the consent is not withdrawn. Furthermore, the owner may be required to keep Personal Information for a longer period of time when required to do so in order to comply with a legal obligation or on an authority’s order.

When the retention period expires, personal data is deleted. Therefore, the right of access, the right to delete, the right to correction and the right to data transfer cannot be enforced after the retention period has been withheld.


Purpose of treatment


The information about the user is collected to allow the owner to provide his services as well as for the following purposes: Analytics, Advertising, RSS feed management, SPAM protection, Content Description, Displays external content content and Contact user.

Users can find further detailed information on such processing purposes and on the specific personal data used for each purpose in the respective sections of this document.
This page describes how cookies are used on Grandts.Media in the alternative, all my sub domains, and how personal information is processed. When you visit Grandts.Media & sub domains, you accept these guidelines. A cookie is a digital “tag” stored in your browser that allows Grandts.Media and vendors of the third party services used on the site (see below) to recognize your computer across various websites and different times.

Cookies are used today on virtually all websites. All websites in the EU that use cookies are required to inform about their use of cookies in a document like this. You can delete the cookies that are on your computer at any time. See how to delete cookies. Grandts.Media uses cookies to remember your settings. In addition, a number of third-party services are also used, which also use cookies: Google Privacy
Google Analytics

The service is provided by Google and is used to collect anonymous statistics about users’ visits here on the site. Cookies are used to recognize the computer through repeated visits to the site. Data is stored on Google’s servers. Read more about Google’s processing of the collected data. .
The information collected is not available to Grandts.Media. If you do not want to show ads here on the site based on interests and demographics, you can opt out of this site. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ These services are used for buttons that make it possible to recommend / follow Grandts.Media on social networks. Cookies are used to enable the buttons to be activated directly, if one is already logged in to the respective services, and to collect statistics on user behavior. Read more in the respective services’ privacy policies: Facebook, Twitter, Google
No personal data is collected or processed on Grandts.Media. Unless you create a user to access other material available only to members. In this case, your name, address, email, and other relevant information will be collected for membership.

Personal information provided to the above third parties is not available to Grandts.Media. By pressing yes to cookies you hereby accept that it is okay for Google, or third party, to use your information as IP address etc. As a site owner, I have no influence whatsoever on this and all of this information makes sure that Google is able to serve what you are looking for with advertisements that Google wants you to see.

GPDR: (General Data Protection Regulation) Important!


In order to comply with EU requirements regarding the Personal Data Act, you must also accept that data can be collected, such as email, telephone number, address, name etc. We do not collect data unless you say yes (by ticking the box in contact form and comment fields) that it is okay that we can save your email and other information in connection with any membership on this domain www.grandts, com – as well all subdomains belonging to the domain, such as the following sub-domain examples. digital.grandts.com – video.grandts.com etc etc. So this rule applies to both the main domain itself and ALL its subdomains. This applies when you want to write comments in comment fields, or generally just send emails from various contact forms on all the forms that are or may be installed now and in the future. You must be a lawyer to be able to understand at all the data protection law the EU has done, of course I am not and all owners of a website are not lawyers. However, in order to accommodate any lawsuits from strange people, any owner of a website should set up their comment fields, contact form with at least one check box referring to the law as I have done on this website.

Grandts.Media is published by:
John Grandt Høstvej 7 6705
Esbjerg Ø Denmark
tel. +45 50 56 88 81


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