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18th juli 2019
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More on Grandts.Com

The starting point for this domain is to showcase a lot of different design strategies. Therefore, I’m also going to give my visitors the opportunity to decide if they want to watch Flash CS demos. Some hate Flash, others think it’s a cool tool, I belong to the last part, despite the fact that Flash has actually passed away.

Grandts.Com is also much more than just a website. I also use the domain to experiment with a number of technologies involved in web development. You can see this under my portfolio. You can find anything from HTML5 to Flash, over jQuery, landing pages and a lot of other technologies. I also work with Adobe After Effects that can help burn among many other products, services. In my domain, I use Adobe After Effects for short short video intro. With an artistic, artistic expression.

In addition to these pages, the www.grandts.com domain contains a lot of other things to do with design, culture and web experiences. I hope you can get a little out of visiting the domain, maybe be inspired and thank you again for looking into my domain. John Grandt 2017


If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” ― Mark Twain

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