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10th juli 2020
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Many big projects!

Many big projects!


When starting projects like the ones I am currently working on, I do not really do anything good for my main site blog. However, I would like to make several articles but it is a lot of time to get it done, presumably it is very good. It then shows that I am active on many plans that I also want to be, but what has my great interest are the experimental designs I often rotate around.

This topic is a bit outside Grandts.Media Tips and Tricks, but the reason I think it is important to put on my blog is that it relates to the setup of portals / pages and which CMS you have chosen and also to give an explanation of why it takes so long so here we go:

PT: Am I in the process of the Africa project, which deals with this great continent and its 54 countries (they officially approved) alone this project really turns off. But now I have decided to write and make this project, despite the fact that it will probably take me a couple of years before this is done.

All in all, I have a lot of things going on (probably too many) which is one of the reasons why I skipper to maintain webmedie.com and move relevant content to my main domain www.grandts.com to maintain a way for workflow with the many things i have in it. On the other hand there is only my own expectation pressure so in this way it is okay.


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