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10th juli 2020
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Just Words!

An Adobe Flash CS6 project, set up with Flash, xml, html etc. You must have the Adobe Flash Plugin installed in your browser to view this somewhat old & special site project.


Randomness in words a Flash/Html/Xml project, every time you update the site new words will apear on the site. I kind og like that cause it give me the opourtunity to write words which i think come to mind in the silent moments of my life. Whether I’ts dark or light thoughts every body on the planet we call earth have som dark and light moments in their life, and so do I. Make a visit to thoughts, I’ts just words..


Media is a part of being online, and with the rapid development that happens with the Internet, it is essential to be able to stand out from the crowd! . This project is just a simple example see more here on theese pages …


visit Just Words


Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. “The Peter Principle” American teacher and writer (1919 – 1988)
»In an organization, everyone is promoted to his level of incompetence. «

Laurence J. Peter


Turn on your speakers! If you want a better media experience, then both Sound & Music are one of the important elements that are included in my Adobe After Effects projects.





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