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John Grandt

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John Grandt
John Grandt

My name is John Grandt and I am the owner of this domain. For many years I have worked with IT, marketing, design and development of websites, applications, video & generally Media in the broadest sense. I work daily as IT Supporter at Gasturbineservices.com 1’level Support as the main task – A job that I greatly appreciate. And that provides the opportunity for new experiences and technical insights every single day. So far I have been with Lauritzen for 7+ years. PS: I am employed in a Flex job, so the company does provide some kind of social responsibility too.

I am the resident of Esbjerg, Denmark’s 5 largest city, close to the North Sea. I am incredibly happy for both my city and this to live by the North Sea, the freedom that lies in being able to walk by the beach is probably the best of our nature. We have the Wadden Sea just outside the door and it is also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage, which is not to like! So I feel extremely privileged as a human being. For me, the pursuit of happiness is NOT a hunt for the highest pay, or most money. Family, friends, acquaintances and jobs (and in that order) are the most important ingredients in my quest for the fleeting word that happiness is. Carpe Diem



In addition to the above, I have previously been employed as  1’Level IT-Supporter for A/S J. Lauritzens Eftf. for 8 years, also been Webmaster / IT Administrator in a Danish / Swedish company that bases its business on Elspil, Laubjerg Vinsch. And, of course, worked a lot with my own private domains & my free Support pages for WordPress. These come up again in some of the new projects that are in the pipeline for 2019. It is generally that I through 2018 have tried to make Support articles related to WordPress, these I try to get assembled at support.grandts.com so it constitutes a whole. It will be my backbone for support for WordPress on the pages. If you want to know more about me as a person, you are very welcome to visit my slightly more personalized website, www.job2you.dk, which is the oldest domain I own, from 2003.



Webmaster & Owner




There is no failure except in no longer trying.

- Elbert Hubbard










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