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18th juli 2019

Grandts! More than just A website

Grandts! More than just A website .. reloaded!

Grandts.Com is more than just a website. I also use the domain to experiment with a number of technologies involved in web development. You can see this under my portfolio. You can find anything from HTML5 to Flash, over jQuery, landing pages and a lot of other technologies. I also work with Adobe After Effects that can help brand ex: among many other things products, services. In my domain, I use Adobe After Effects for short video introes. With an artistic expression.

In addition to these pages, the www.grandts.com “and domain” contains a lot of other things which involves design, history, culture and web experiences. For example, you can see through the portfolios from here, that will provide you with a wider insight into the domain itself. I hope you can get a little out of visiting the domain and thank you again for looking into my domain. Give me Feedback

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
Mark Twain

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