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10th juli 2020
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From Scratch Once Again!

From Scratch Once Again!

In an effort to do things just at bit better, I’ve made the english.grandts.com pages at bit more easier to browse around.

A different form of expression it will (I hope) be a place of innovative design, but also a site that will largely deal with words and pictures of both arctistic origin as well as famous word clippings. You will also discover work related clippings in form of images from and around Esbjerg Harbour and the City of Esbjerg. I’ve always been very fond of art and culture and it has got a somewhat more prominent role here where I am in life now, whether it’s avant-garde or other forms of expression is personally worth more to me than money or prestige. I also love to cook my own artistic items such as in software programs like Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and you name it. The next big project will be to embark on photography admittedly as an amateur but never the less the plan is to get started on this.

It’s playing with the medium and the word that I like , any menning with the madness? just creating my own expression on the net from the artistic elements point of view that I thought makes sense for myself. Whether one so like it or not, I am quite arogant to say that I dont give a fuck ! if nobody besides my self like it. For me it is a process and it makes sense to me as a person and thus I have achieved what I wanted. Can other infer anything else from it, it will only be a good thing.

The domain / page is also an ongoing project which must continually evolve. Therefore, there is ongoing new / old portfolio elements added as I get them identified and added to my portfolio.

Art & People are the pages where there will be added new when I find something I nuisance to share with my visitors. Or actions that I make regularly when the time for this.


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