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6th juni 2020
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Flash Mob Bilka, Esbjerg

Flashmob in the Mall.

The element of surprise never seems to be more amazing then people do the totaly unexpected in public. Like this cool video from Esbjerg my hometown. The classic singers from the Academy of Music and Dramatic took culture with in the grocery store in Esbjerg Culture, where – between meat, milk and cheese – gave traders an unexpected musical experience. This is a very cool thing doing Flashmobs, no matter the act people are suprised by it which virly makes this stunt better. It made me think about who we are as citizens in the state of Denmark. moved by it!

The classical singers from the Southern Music Conservatory & Actress School took the culture in Bilka under Esbjerg Cultural Night, where – between meat, milk and cheese – they gave the traders an unexpected musical experience. And I have to confess, much affected by the Danish song. For me, it is absolutely “straight” with Denmark (surely the old church choir boy who wakes up in me)






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