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Hello and welcome to my english site my name is John Grandt and I am a selfclaimed Freelance Web designer born in, Esbjerg, Denmark, Scandinavia with a passion for great design and IT technology.

Web-Design is not my daily job, but my passion I dream in ‘360 design and constantly designs new things. Why? because I simply cannot help. The cunning guest has already discovered that my domain is a mixture of English / Danish pages. That’s how it has been since I got the domain in 2008. And it will still be a mix of both Danish / English on the domain, just because the domain is a so-called com domain, at the same time I have quite a lot of English guests visiting Grandts.Media, which I am glad I can attract. It must mean that some of what I do is good when the speech is on design and new initiatives.

Some of my interests

UX: all aspects of user interaction with the product

: how it is perceived, learned and used
Graphic Design: typography, visual art and page layout
New Media: Researching and exploring on the Internet


Danish – native language
German – medium
English – Good

2008 – 2019

Web Design

What is the difference between a good design and a great one! design?

When you sit down and start a new project, the very above must be one of the questions so you are at the forefront of the implementation issues that will inevitably arise when designing a new site no matter what customer or industry that may be. the current web project.

With a mission to constantly surpass their own past work and move on and really get better at what you do instead of falling into complacency, stagnation, and ultimately, obsolescence. You must constantly be at the forefront of the latest in design to make a difference that enables you to make a good piece of craftsmanship in the design & implementation of user interface design.

Unfortunately, there is no simple, straightforward formula that you can apply to each design, the answer to the puzzle of what makes a design great rather than good enough is great. There is no secret or method of designing something that suddenly makes you a hero among you with designers and leads to your particular work being presented on a CSS gallery online, winning an award or simply being featured on online magazines like eg Smashing magazine, or other major design sites online.

Instead of a quick, one-size-fits-all solution, individuality is the way forward, based on the fact that design must have three necessary different perspectives: the designer’s, the customer’s and not least the user’s experience of your design. It requires you listening to your customer and trying to give advice and guidance based on the wishes the customer may have, in conjunction with what is technically possible and relevant in relation to the desired design.

It’s that I’m just trying as a Designer ..

John Grandt


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