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AMP and Grandts.Com

AMP and Grandts.Com

AMP or Accellerated Mobile Pages, as it is called in its full form, is Google’s new mobile format. The format was introduced and partially launched back in February 2016 and is now finally also part of the active mobile search results pages in Denmark.

The purpose of AMP is to increase the speed of web pages loaded on mobile devices to enhance the user experience. AMP pages can load up to 10x as fast as a normal mobile optimized page (for example a responsive version).

How does AMP work?



Additional versions of existing pages are being prepared, in which many elements are completely removed, while elements such as CSS are “boiled down” to the most basic functions, to create a lightning-fast extra version.

The AMP page is cached and hosted on Google’s own servers, which is why the pages load even faster, since the page should in principle not be called at all – it is already ready and therefore loads immediately. Google loads the AMP pages as users enter their search queries and check for any changes to the page since the last cache. Therefore, the version a user sees will always be updated by Google.

AMP is the new mobile format

A few years ago, everyone could receive mobile traffic. To this day, only those mobile optimized websites receive traffic through the mobile index. Google doesn’t want to drive traffic to pages that aren’t optimized properly for the device used to render it.

At Bondtofte & Co., we expect the same to happen with the AMP format. However, it will take a few years before we reach a definitive ultimatum, but Google WILL AMP the pages, which is why you might as well get started implementing them.

In the long run, running with AMP will certainly bring improvements in the mobile search results.

Doing SEO properly for mobile is one of the most important things to focus on in the years ahead and into the years to come. If you’ve recently been aware of mobile SEO, you may have missed out on a recent development: Accelerated Mobile Pages. (AMP) in daily speech.

Otherwise known as AMP, this is an open source initiative taken to improve the effectiveness of content marketing and ads running on mobile devices. It’s another digital gift backed by Google (and Twitter) that helps people like you improve your site’s load times on smartphones and tablets.

Statistics show that AMP increases web page loading from 15% to 85%, although many companies do not use it yet, we do so here on these personal design pages. While you are probably aware of its existence, take a look at seven things you may not know about AMP that you should. A professional digital marketing consultant can help you set it up on your site.

1. All companies benefit from using AMP

While reading about AMP, you may have felt that it is only good for certain types of companies. You’ve probably heard about how in publishing they are the ones who benefit most. While it is true that AMP helps if you often publish lengthy articles or extensive editorials, it really is a process that helps everyone.

You will discover many businesses now relying on AMP simply because Google takes precedence over those who use it. If you want to move to the top of the mobile search results, you will start using this code so you don’t fall behind.

It is not difficult to configure things with pre-established templates. However, it is important to have a professional deeper insight into it to make it work properly.

Any of you who simply want faster pages are going to benefit exponentially in higher site visits.

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