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10th juli 2020
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About The English Pages


This English Homepage is Version 5.0


It’s a massive upgrade over the last version 4.0, on many plans. I am a creative person and consider myself a little nerdy, and I’m sure it shines quite well through with the many Adobe After Effect special intros that I have and continue to do. You may not see any meaning in this, but it is also my right as an artist to imagine that it is ART! Welcome to The Blue Version 5.0


Finally, I have started to set a new agenda for much more writings on topics such as Design, Photo, Nature, Society, Management and so much more. Self-claimed Graphic Designer John Grandt. I would like to welcome you to my domain. This domain is largely based on experimental design presentations, HTML5 and Adobe After Effects Video experiments. Please give me feedback I would be happy to hear from you. The site forms a large part of my portfolio in the same conversion. © 2008 – 2019 Grandts.Media & John Grandt, All rights reserved.


The pages are also the entrance to most of my work with photo’s, for example, version (2.0 – 2018 – 2019). Projects like photo.grandts.com – Project pages such as digital.grandts.com And many other types of experimental and regular web design, look around my domain here are lots of innovative tips and tricks you can see. Get inspiration and give final feedback, whether negative or positive.


We are not punished for our sins, but by them.

- Elbert Hubbard




ords and images, Design, and code in its many shades of both artistic and other origin. I have always been very pleased to make new designs, test and test different combinations. The next big project is that I am like to get started within photography though as an amateur, but nonetheless it is the plan that from – 2020 I will continue with either the version of photo.grandts.com  which is up for the time being as a starting point or maybe create one brand new domain for this purpose. It can easily be that all my own photos first  will be up in late 2020 – For now the photo site are used to give tips & tricks, and for the most part also som rewievs. Allthough the site is in native Danish, you have the option to read in your own language by using GTranslate (just go to one of the post and you will see it on the right sidebar)





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